Nerf Lucian


Nerf this fucker. Nerf him to hell.

I’m talking to you, Riot. I checked today: Lucian has almost a 40% pick rate. He is literally in almost every game. The second closest pick is Caitlyn with a 25% pick rate. It’s gotten old. It was old a year ago when Lucian got buffed and became the monstrosity he has been since. Stop tip-toeing around. The issue is simple: Lucian is still too safe for all his strengths, his one weakness now being his somewhat limited auto-attack range. Not that it matters in laning phase, as his Q still hits you from a mile away and gives you 0.2 seconds to react. The line between Lucian/Tristana and all other ADCs is inexcusable. I’m so goddamn tired of fighting Lucians and am almost as tired of supporting them. They’re prissy little queens who have no idea what the hell they’re doing and are so used to winning laning phase by drooling they have no clue what to do if they get outplayed.

No, changing his E to have some mana cost in the laning phase (what an idea!) is not going to fix the problem. You want to make him this lane bully with this almost unmatched trading potential? and an awesome mid-game? Fine. Make him fall off. Make his late game suck. Make him less relevant at some point in the game, as that would be more than never, as it is right now. This champion has been a walking disaster of design on so many levels. He’s dragging the whole game down. He’s everywhere in solo queue and everywhere in competitive play. Every other ADC is just getting sidelined by him. I only hope to God some of the Ezreal buffs and Tristana nerfs (hallelujah!) can spice things up a bit, but Lucian is still gonna be there after this slap on the wrist too. I welcome seeing Dravens and Caits and any other ADC besides this idiot running around. It’s a change of pace from the stale vomit fest that is bot lane nowadays.

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