I (Don’t) Suck at Vayne – 2


Verdict: don’t.
Sentence: Victory
Reason: Solid play by me and my Karma support, along with the whole team.

You might have seen it on the stream, but I had a pretty bad day as far as League matches went. I think it ended up being 1 – 5 or something horrible like that. I believe four of them were to due to bad teammates or shitty teammates. When I say “shitty teammates,” I’m referring to their character. I had one match where every role except support/adc fed 10+ kills, but no one made a fuss about it. The three other losses were due to just terrible people: raging idiots blaming others for their bad performance or experiences. I have been there myself, but I’m making conscious not to fall into that trap again. By the way, I report you for being an awful human being, not because you played poorly. We all play poorly, kids. That’s not an excuse for poor sportsmanship.

My one win, though, was thanks to an excellent Vayne match I had v. Lucian, who is now finally somewhat under control, albeit still annoying to play against. I had a Karma who knew what she was doing–my suspicion is that she was a mid main, but whatever the reason for it, she knew exactly how to handle Karma in lane: poke back and forth and make Lucian’s short-ranged life a living hell. It’s so refreshing to be able to punish him for mistakes now after a year of that being almost impossible. We zoned him hard after a bit, and for once I didn’t suck at CS’ing: I ended up 50+ CS over him by the time laning phase ended. He managed to tag a kill or two on me, but never enough to overcome the massive gold deficit he acquired. The new buffs to Vayne and nerfs to the other ADCs have made my life in that regard much easier. I don’t feel back about taking Vayne into ranked anymore. Laning phase no longer feels hopeless, and her power spike feels more real. I think with some of the other slight nerfs to Kog’maw and such, Vayne will be in a solid place.

I’ve also been having some more consistent success with Jinx, whom I’ve come to enjoy as an ADC, something I didn’t think I’d ever say. I didn’t like Jinx when she first came out due to her ridiculous state at the time, but A) her character is not a misogynistic caricature, B) her playstyle is very rewarding and well-conceived, and C) I don’t feel like it’s a walk in the park. She’s almost the exact opposite in Vayne in that she’s incredibly immobile, but she has ways to overcome that weakness. On the minus side, I can’t aim her ults for crap yet. 😦

Also, surprise: everyone’s playing Talon now. Sigh at the LCS.