I (Don’t) Suck at Vayne – 1

67Verdict: don’t.
Sentence: defeat.
Reason: bad late-game engage + Kayle ult is still stupid.

Went up Vayne/Morgana against Draven/Nami. Destroyed them all game, even though Draven got a kill or two in the laning phase.  Although we didn’t win due to typical late-game shenanigans and Kayle ult saving Draven at 10% health, my play and mechanics were on point throughout the whole match, something I usually am never confident about. Vayne is my favorite champion in LoL by far, but her underpowered state in the meta (nerf Lucian already) combined with the unforgiving mechanical demands of her kit are a consistent source of frustration for me. I’ve lost countless games to misclicks and small things that matter very much when it comes to her. It was satisfying to see me manage to fight and beat Draven at his own game, thanks to a very good Morgana support who knew what she was doing.

Despite the loss, I really call this one a win for me personally.

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