I (Don’t) Suck at Orianna – 2

Ve61rdict: don’t.
Sentence: victory.
Reason: 10/1/9. Good play all around from my
self and the team.

Went up against Twisted Fate in the midlane, like normal, and crushed him. TF is one of more favored matchups, as his laning phase is incredibly mediocre and all his damage output is easily avoided. The TF lost out about 40-50 CS when all was said and done and was never able to use his ult’s utility to score any clutch kills or team fights. Top fared okay against Ryze, but once again bot got fed and we scored a victory pretty handily.

Orianna is really, really, really fun.

I (don’t) suck at Orianna – I

61 Verdict: suck.
Sentence: victory.
Reason: carried hard.

Not really used to playing v. Yasuo, an obnoxious champion if there ever was one. Was expecting to go up against Twisted Fate. Unfortunately, he went top for some reason. This turned out to be good for the team, though, as TF got shut down hard v. Cho’Gath and our Vayne/Zyra got incredibly fed. Orianna is an excellent supporting character, so regardless of my doing terrible in lane, I helped close out the kill with the rest of the team.

Nobody cares if Yasuo gets fed. He’s a fancier Yi. CC him and he dies when he tries to shout terrible Japanese at you.


Go away from the head, Lee. Go away.

Hi. The replacement parts for my new computer should arrive early next week, so then I can start streaming and recording some videos. That’ll be fun.

So. Anyone know any good jokes? (Besides this blog. That one doesn’t count.)